Gold Monogram Disc Charm (16mm)

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Style Interlocking Monogram


This 14K golf-filled charm measures 16mm. Handmade to order and available in various metals and letter styles.

NOTE: After you add this item to your cart, please select "Order Special Instructions" in My Cart and type the 3 letters you would like for the monogram (lowercase for first and middle name, and uppercase for last name). Example: Katheryn Rose Smith - kSr

What is Gold-Filled Metal?

14k gold-filled metal is composed of a heavy, solid layer of 14-karat gold mechanically bonded to either brass or sterling silver. While gold-filled metal may be characterized as "plated," it is not the same thing as dipped or electroplated jewelry, which produces a thin layer of gold over a base metal that will eventually peel or wear off. Gold-filled jewelry can be engraved, hammered, and showered in without any negative effect. We use 14k gold-filled metal for many of our pieces as it is the next best thing to solid gold and yields a better price point. If properly taken care of gold-filled jewelry can last a lifetime.